Sleeping With Dracula

Sleeping With Edgar Allan Poe

June 22, 2020 Dracula
Sleeping With Dracula
Sleeping With Edgar Allan Poe
Show Notes

Relax, have a laugh, and sleep like the dead. Your host and recovering insomniac Dracula, will share good news, stories, and even lullabies, in the comedy style he has perfected over the centuries. Throughout the podcast, Dracula's pace and energy will steadily calm and slow as he joyfully guides you through a midday meditation or an entire night's visit to slumber town.  You’ll feel so rested, you're sure to tell everyone, "I love Sleeping with Dracula!

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Lullabye - The Theme to Growing Pains TV Show

Bedtime Story - Edgar Allen Poe - The Angel of The Odd

Host: Dracula 
Producer: Dracula
Audio Engineer: Dracula
Theme Lyrics: Dracula
Score: Life of Riley - Kevin Macleod, A Quiet Thought - Wayne Jones
Special Thanks: Hunter Stiebel